I'm Florian.

IT specialist and Hobby Developer.

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Azuma Discord Bot

TypescriptNext.jsNext AuthDrizzleTailwind

A Discord game bot that includes many mini-games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Blackjack. Additionally, it features a large fishing game where players can catch various fish and complete their collection.

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FFXIV Island Rare Animals


A site for the rare animals of the Island Sanctuary. It is possible to filter every weather-dependent creature. Additionally, it displays both Eorzean times and local times.

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Idle Business Tycoon

JavascriptNext.jsNext AuthMongoDB

An idle game where players can purchase various businesses to generate credits. Additionally, the businesses can be individually upgraded for improved performance.

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KVG Bus Tracker


A modern and user-friendly third-party solution that utilizes the API from KVG Kiel to obtain real-time departures of the buses.

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Nairol Price Check

TypescriptNext.jsNext AuthDrizzleTailwind

Tracks various Amazon products and provides notifications when a product falls below a specified desired price. Additionally, it offers a price history for each tracked product.

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Nairol Spotify

TypescriptNext.jsNext AuthTRPCTailwind

A Spotify client implemented using the Spotify API. The project is not production-ready; it is intended for educational purposes only.

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Nairol Spotify Stats

TypescriptNext.jsNext AuthTRPCTailwind

Provides various statistics about your Spotify account. For example, it displays top tracks and top albums. The Spotify API is utilized to gather this information.

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